Now you can see exactly how the BeoVision Avant television would look like placed next to your fireplace, if the BeoSound 35 music system would fit above your door or how the BeoLab 18 loudspeakers could work alongside your sofa. The BeoHome Design App lets you digitally visualize the different Bang & Olufsen products in any given space. Choose between all the different speakers, sound systems and televisions and place them wherever the camera on your iPad is pointing.

Design Your Home with BeoHome Design


The Visualisation Feature

Using the visualization application is both fast and simple: - Set a marker - Freeze a frame or use the live mode - Add product/s Once you have completed the initial steps you get a picture of your space including the Bang & Olufsen product/s – and then you can configure the product/s according to your preferences. You can easily change colours on the speaker fronts, shift brackets and stands on the televisions, and do all the customizations needed to get exactly what fits your home.

The Room Builder Feature

You can also use the “Room Builder” feature where you select, and customize predefined floor plans and shapes, and subsequently add products and furniture. This gives you a clearer idea on what to expect when adding Bang & Olufsen to a room – especially because the feature also lets you add and move furniture around the augmented reality. Only your imagination sets boundaries.

Experience the Real Deal

Once you have pinpointed your desires using the BeoHome app you can find the nearest Bang & Olufsen store – and send them your images and drawings. This way they’re perfectly prepared for when you go to the store to experience the real deal.

The BeoHome Design App is available for iPad. It is free to download the app from the App Store.