BeoLink Multiroom


A Seamless Multiroom Experience

Our collection of wireless speakers are designed to connect into one Multiroom audio system, allowing you to simultaneously play different music in different rooms – or the same tune in all rooms.


Features and Benefits of a Bang & Olufsen Multiroom Solution

  • Stream your music to any room or every room

    Responsive Controls at your Fingertips

    Wake up in the morning and start your favourite Internet radio station with a single tap on your bedside BeoSound 1. Then bring the music with you, as you lightly touch the BeoSound 2 in your kitchen. The intuitive Touch to Join feature is integrated in the entire Multiroom Collection.

  • Stream your music to any room or every room

    Flexible Connectivity

    By integrating just about every available streaming standard including Apple AirPlay, Chromecast™ and Bluetooth, we have made sure that you can enjoy your favourite music apps any way you like. For a seamless all-in-one Multiroom experience, simply use the dedicated Bang & Olufsen App

  • Stream your music to any room or every room

    Customise the Sound

    Want to use your BeoVision TV as a speaker when listening to internet radio? No problem. Want to hear the sound from a TV programme on your BeoSound 2 in the kitchen? Easy.

Explore our Range of Multiroom Speakers

The Multiroom family is our growing collection of wireless speaker systems, designed to play seamlessly together across your living space.

BeoSound 1

Play anything and play it anywhere. Portable wireless speaker system in high-grade aluminium with impressive 360-degree sound. With its built-in battery, BeoSound 1 will keep you company inside as well as on your balcony.

Explore BeoSound 1

BeoSound 2

A truly powerful wireless speaker system with room-filling 360-degree sound performance. BeoSound 2 plays beautifully on its own and connects seamlessly to other Bang & Olufsen products in your Multiroom system.

Explore BeoSound 2

BeoSound 35

High-end wireless speaker system with touch interface and integrated display. Use BeoSound 35 in your kitchen to listen to sound from your BeoVision TV in the living room.

Explore BeoSound 35

Beoplay M5

Inspired by modern Scandinavian interior and furniture design, Beoplay M5 is a powerful true360 sound, wireless speaker featuring a crafted aluminium top and exchangeable wool fabric cover from Kvadrat.

Explore Beoplay M5

Beoplay A6

Designed to fit your interior style and impress you with its extraordinary sound, Beoplay A6 offers an intuitive and wireless music experience with adjustable performance so you can place it anywhere in the room.

Explore Beoplay A6

Beoplay A9

Iconic in shape, beautiful and elegant and with very powerful sound, this modern classic with a crafted wool cover will perform equally well from the corner, standing alone or hanging from a wall.

Explore Beoplay A9

Complete your Multiroom Experience

Just about any classic Bang & Olufsen product can be integrated into your new Multiroom set-up. Discover just how easy it is to integrate existing products into the Multiroom experience by clicking on the different categories below.

Add a Bang & Olufsen Television

Unique to Bang & Olufsen, you can connect your TV with wireless speakers from the Multiroom Collection to spread sound seamlessly between different rooms. Visit your nearest store to see how Multiroom can work with your TV.


Add a Bang & Olufsen Loudspeaker

Bring your BeoLab Speakers into the Multiroom Experience. BeoSound Essence adds mobile streaming technologies to your classic speakers, and allows them to connect together across your home to play music seamlessly from room to room. Visit your nearest store to see BeoSound Essence in action.


Add a Bang & Olufsen Sound System

With BeoSound Moment and BeoSound Essence you already have Multiroom functionality. Just connect a wireless speaker from our collection to spread sound seamlessly between different rooms.


Experience Multiroom in Stores