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July 20, 2016
BeoLab 5 is a state-of-the-art wireless speaker delivering radical performance and expression.
July 20, 2016
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Adaptive power

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Beolab 3

Compact and flexible loudspeaker that fits seamlessly into any environment and delivers an outstanding sound experience regardless of the properties of the room it is in.

Distinctive Character

The shape of BeoLab 3 is distinctive, and without any sharp edges. The acoustic lens sits on display on the top of the speaker, almost as a crown, bringing a highly differentiated look to the loudspeaker.

Adaptive Placement

The visual expression of BeoLab 3 changes with its many placement options, allowing you to fit it into any interior with ease, or letting it stand out in its own right.

Enjoy the Sweet Spot

The acoustic lens delivers the sound horizontally, 180 degrees in front of the lens, resolving the limitations of the ‘sweet spot’ of traditional stereophonic sound. The cymbals placed above and below the lens reduce the sound reflections from ceiling and floor, further improving the perceived sound quality. This means the listening experience is not so dependent on where the listener is seated in relation to the loudspeaker.

Multiroom Enabled

The ultimate TV deserves to be accompanied by the finest audio. Unleash the full force of BeoVision Avant with a BeoLab 3 surround sound setup and immerse yourself in a cinematic journey. BeoVision Avant already features powerful centre speakers. Therefore, giving BeoVision Avant centre stage supported by four BeoLab 3s provides a truly breathtaking surround experience.

Additional information
Weight 2.6 kg

Aluminium cabinet

Available colours

Black, Dark grey, White

Speaker drivers

1 x 3/4″ coated fabric dome tweeter, 1 x 4″ concave diaphragm woofer


125 watt Class D amplifier for tweeter, 125 watt Class D amplifier for woofer


Acoustic Lens Technology, Adaptive Bass Linearisation, Room Adaptation, Thermal Protection

Placement option/s

Floor stand, Table ring, Table stand, Wall bracket

Room adaptation

Corner, Free, Wall

Multiroom enabled


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