July 25, 2016
BeoVision Avant is a state of the art teleivision allowing you to access all your favourtie apps for news, gaming, movies and much more. BeoVision Avant is also integrated with the evet evolving Android TV platform
July 25, 2016
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Smart Television by Bang & Olufsen - BeoVision 11
Smart Television by Bang & Olufsen - BeoVision 11
Smart Television by Bang & Olufsen - BeoVision 11
Smart Television by Bang & Olufsen - BeoVision 11
Smart Television by Bang & Olufsen - BeoVision 11


A master piece of sound & picture


BeoVision 11

BeoVision 11 integrates all your entertainment needs in one package featuring automatically adjusted, razor-sharp images and custom built, fully active three-way speakers.

Love is in the Detail

While BeoVision 11’s clean lines may at first seduce the eye, it is when you discover the countless innovations inside its sleek exterior, and the careful attention to every detail that you fall in love.

Sound Reaction

BeoVision 11’s audio adapts itself to changes in media. Flick from YouTube to a classic thriller and you’ll notice that the sound automatically adjusts itself. Of course, you can also fine-tune your own personalised settings, retaining complete control over the audio experience that is perfect for you.

The Art of Silence

Vibrations create sound. All our cabinets are fitted with rubber damping to cancel out any unwanted audible or turbulent noise. The 55-inch model comes with two bass ports, angled downwards to ensure that only the purest sounds reach your ears.  Click here to view BeoVision Avant 55-inch.

Audio Dynamite

Behind the striking speaker cover lies the set of fully active, three-way custom built speakers with a bass unit that generates sensational impact. Custom-made drivers and efficient ICEpower amplifiers also combine for unparalleled acoustic depth and power.

Every Detail Matters

BeoVision 11 delivers razor sharp picture quality with incredible depth. Colours bursting with indelible impact. Open your eyes to a whole new level of expectation.

Image Optimisation

– Pixel Perfect Adjustment:

Our eyes constantly analyse and adapt to lighting conditions without us even noticing. BeoVision 11 is built around the same principles. Each pixel tweaks its light according to its sensory data, adjusting to how much light there is in the room and the image currently on screen. Adaptive Contrast ensures that darker areas in a scene appear pitch-black and full of contrast, even when daylight floods the screen.

– Smooth Viewing:

Movies typically run at 24 frames per second, which isn’t always ideal for TV. Using advanced compensation interpolation techniques, BeoVision 11 works out where objects should have been and blends the original frames to give you a noticeably smoother display. Combined with a superb LCD panel, BeoVision 11 also features comprehensive fine-tuning controls, allowing you to customise a viewing experience that’s perfect for you.

– At the heart of the action:

3D technology alone isn’t enough. A 3D movie should suspend disbelief, placing you right in the heart of the action with exhilarating imagery.

Open for Streaming

The Deezer music service is seamlessly integrated with your BeoVision 11 – ready to meet your musical demands. Just make sure you have the latest software update, and you’re ready to go. Available in more than 180 countries, featuring in excess of 35 million tracks in its library and over 30,000 radio channels with music suggestions, Deezer is more than capable of accommodating even the most discerning of music listeners.

Add Additional B&O Speakers

If you want an even more intense sound with your BeoVision 11, you can always connect a pair of Bang & Olufsen loudspeakers, or take it even further for a total surround sound experience. Our TrueImageTM technology will ensure that your audio is mixed to match your individual speaker setup.

BeoRemote One

For more information on BeoRemote One, please click here.

Additional information

40″, 46″, 55″

Fabric colour/s

Black, Blue, Dark Grey, Driftwood, Forged Iron, Midnight Green, Rumba Red, White

Television frame/Cabinet colours

Black/Black, Rose Golden/Black, Silver/Black

Placement option/s

Easel stand, Motorised floor stand, Motorised wall bracket, Wall bracket with manual turn

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