Smart Televisions

Smart Televisions

Experience smart televisions as you never have before! At Bang & Olufsen we are committed to providing you televisions that offer flexible placement options, the latest technology, stunning designs and iconic Bang & Olufsen signature sound. Whether you watching a movie or your favourite sports channel, to playing the latest video game - our smart televisions are aimed at providing a cinematic experience with dynamic precision, crystal sharp picture and ultimate sound. Our televisions are powered by the ever evolving Android TV™ platform that gives you direct access to an endless amount of internet based-content. We place alot of emphasis on design and follow strict procedures when designing our televisions, because we want to ensure that when your Bang & Olufsen television is not in use, it simply blends into your decor like a beautiful piece of art.

Explore our range of smart televisions below and book a demo at any of our stores to experience them first-hand.

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Android TV™ - Only available for BeoVision Avant 2nd generation, BeoVision 14 & BeoVision Horizon

BeoVision Avant

BeoVision Avant is a state-of-the-art smart television featuring Ultra High Definition (4K) picture quality. Place BeoVision Avant on its motorised floor stand or on the wall for optimal viewing and watch the sound unfold before your very eyes.

BeoVision 11

BeoVision 11 is packed with a fully active three-way custom built-speaker that delivers a well-balanced output of sound. With great sound comes razor sharp picture quality - BeoVision 11 includes an LCD panel that makes use of an Advanced Compensation interpolation technique to make your viewing alot more smoother and at the heart of this smart television is the 3D technology that brings your favourites classics to life. Want to find out more? Then simply click below and book a demo at your nearest B&O store!

BeoVision Horizon

Available in 40" or 48" - BeoVision Horizon is made with flexibility in mind. Move the television freely to suit your optimum viewing position. Place it on the wall, floor or stand and gracefully observe the beautiful design of this television. BeoVision Horizon is the latest ultra-high definition television in our range. Powered by the ever evolving Android TV platform, you will have an endless amount of access to internet based content & apps.

BeoVision 14

BeoVision 14 carries the iconic square shape that makes a Bang & Olufsen television unique. BeoVision 14 is powered by Android TV that enables you to access the internet, download your favourite apps from the Google Play store and cast your music & videos from your mobile device to BeoVision Horizon with the Google Cast technology. The oak wood lamellas on the front of BeoVision 14 add's a warm tone to your living space, especially when BeoVision 14 is not in use.