BeoLink SmartHome Solution

full support available for your beolink smarthome solution


It’s not a question of inventing new gadgets for the sake of the gadget – it is about making room for living. And home technology can do that, when it is beautifully sculpted, cleverly thought out, expertly crafted, and always simple and intuitive. Everybody strives to reduce hassle in their everyday lives. Home technology has the potential to do just that, and this full potential is just beginning to show its true worth.

Since the 1980s, we have worked strategically with interconnecting all Bang & Olufsen products, so that the customer has the benefit of a system, more than just a collection individual units. This interconnectivity has gone through multiple stages of development, and we are proud to say that our home integration system is one of the most versatile on the market - enabling all Bang & Olufsen products to work together, as well as interacting with other systems, and offering the simplest of controls for all intelligent solutions within the home. We are not only focused on making life easier for the homeowner, but also for the installer who is in charge of configuring the home integrations systems.




Imagine a home that welcomes you the minute you step through the door and keyin the alarm code. The lights turn on, the curtains open, and your favourite music starts to play, while the thermostat automatically adjusts to your preferred temperature This is the power of the BeoLink SmartHome. Virtually everything you own is your's to control at the touch of a button.

At Bang & Olufsen we strive to enhance your living space by seamlessly integrating your systems and your home. All our products have a proud legacy of excellence in both design and engineering. A statement of timeless quality, ensuring that each new generation is as compatible with the past as it is with the future.

"We believe in full integration. This means going beyond the integration of our loudspeakers and TV solutions, and providing an intuitive system for controlling not only your Bang & Olufsen products, but all your home technology solutions."

Our products are willing and able to cooperate with all of your available intelligent systems. Our solutions are guided by the overall aim of making life easier and more enjoyable, not only for the homeowner, but also for the installer in charge of the home integration con guration. Simplicity for everyone.



Download the BeoLink App and control everything straight from your iOS device. This gives you the ability to do everything from turning on your heating system before you get home, to controlling your security system from abroad.


Integrate your alarm system to easily trigger from anywhere, set ‘Welcome’ or ‘Goodbye’ scenarios to protect your home.


Switch on or off the lights in a room, the outside lighting, or even the entire house – all at once.


Combine any Bang & Olufsen TV with an Atlona Switch Matrix and distribute high definition TV to any room.


Heat up the hot tub on your way home and take a quiet moment for yourself before entertaining at dinner.


Control the curtains and countless other objects with your phone or directly via the BeoRemote.

flexibility of beolink solution


The installer is in charge of the fundamental configuration of the system, setting up the house room by room. When fully operational, the system provides the homeowner with some basic options like choosing between settings and creating new scenarios. The configuration itself is accessible to the installer only.

be in control of your smarthome


At Bang & Olufsen, we insist on providing intuitive and easy access to your home automation experience with only one remote control. BeoRemote One is crafted from a single, extruded piece of aluminium and comes with the Bang & Olufsen home integration system. BeoLink App for iPhone and iPad is made for home integration and automation, with settings for every room, a webcam viewer and easy browsing of BeoSound 5 or BeoSound Moment content.

One Touch on a Bang & Olufsen product is all it takes to join or start the music stream. As you move around your home, just touch the other multiroom products and they are instantly and seamlessly united with the rest of the setup.

full support available for your beolink smarthome solution


We work with a huge network of Bang & Olufsen certified installers making sure you get the best service including:

- Custom designed solutions for your needs, your home, your budget.

- Full intergation with other non-Bang & Olufsen home solution products.

- Customized solutions for your special needs.

- All project management, installation and so on - meaning you don't need to worry about a thing.

- After-sales services including repairs, support and exibility in the set-up.

Our smarthome technology is already prepared for the future


We mean it when we say that our system is ready for the future. We have been fine tuning our idea of integration from way back in the 1990s with the introduction of BeoLink that allowed all Bang & Olufsen products to share a common language. And we have taken these thoughts into the future, making sure that not only all Bang & Olufsen products speak the same language, but also inviting third party devices to join the system.

And we will keep on working with our overall ambition of creating even more groundbreaking ways to seamlessly integrate home technology solutions. The system is intelligent, and it will grow with the demands of the future. Just like any truly forward-thinking system, we are also aware of the importance of our heritage. It is for this reason that classic Bang & Olufsen products are also taken into consideration. No one is left behind.