Sound Systems

Sound Systems

Control your music in the simplest way imagnibale with our premium range of sound systems. A Bang & Olufsen sound system allows you to enjoy your favourite music from either your personal playlist or a streaming service such as Deezer. Once you start using a Bang & Olufsen sound system it will soon become the main source of music in your home.

BeoSound Essence

Imagine a sound system that can easily be placed in your home so that you can effortlessly access it without any trouble, a sound system that wakes up when you gently touch it and begins to play your favourite songs. Well imagine no more - BeoSound Essence is an easily accessible one-touch music system that allows you to stream music anywhere in your home.

BeoSound Moment

BeoSound Moment is the perfect match for your speakers, music and home. It collates all your digital music, radio stations and streaming services into one which makes it easier for you to get your music pumping. BeoSound Moment is an intelligent, wireless music system that begins to learn your music preference over-time - BeoSound Moment is able to do this with our PatternPlay function. BeoSound Moment is packed with even more mind-blowing features. Book a demo to find out!